with Hillary Leone, Dr. Pedro Mediano, Dr. Fernando Rosas, Dr. Daniel Bor, Andrei Sas


Synch.Live is an experimental in-person game designed to spark human connection in this time of profound disconnection and poised to deliver stunning new science. Informed by cognitive science, physics, data science, and art, and powered by a breakthrough algorithm, Synch.Live promises to change our understanding of how humans interact …

Part 1: Emergent art

Synch.Live is an art experience designed to mobilize our hard-wired human instinct to cooperate

Part 2: First prototype

Building an LED headset with WS2801 and Raspberry Pi

Part 3: Real-Time Clock

We add a real time clock module to the headset prototype, and implement precisely timed blinking behaviour on two headsets

Part 4: Deploying the Flock

we build 10 LED headsets for and use Ansible to configure the hardware, install the necessary software, and run tests

Part 5: In Search of Lost Time

We use Network Time Protocol and chronyd to synchronise our 10 Raspberry Pi Zero W wearables to blink in sync

Part 6: Filming and tracking

We set up a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Raspberry Pi High Quality camera to film the Synch.Live players and track their motion with OpenCV.


Great Exhibition Road Festival

18-19 Jun 2022 ⚪ Great Hall, Imperial College London

This year's Great Exhibition Road Festival offers a chance to join the unique experience that is Synch.Live.

[website] [tickets]

Festival of Communities

12 Jun 2022 ⚪ People's Palace, Queen Mary University of London

Come don a hat and play Synch.Live - an art experience and brain science experiment.

[website] [drop-in]