madalina sas
/mədə‘lɪna sɑ:s/
I’m a scientist / creative from Romania based in South-East London. I have a computer engineering master’s from Imperial College, and am currently pursuing a PhD in complex systems at Imperial’s Centre for Complexity Science, where I research the emergence of self-organised collective behaviour, from the microscopic to the social scale.

My technical interests are in information theory, network science, cryptography, networking, functional programming and automation. Previously I worked on SnowWall, a privacy-oriented networking tool for Windows, and harangue whoever would listen about security and privacy. I also play with electronics (I’m a ham radio enthusiast) and I always wear my tin foil hat. My tools of the trade are a Purism laptop, a Sony A7S, a reMarkable and a Banana Phone.

When I’m not staring into a computer screen, I take photographs, I draw, I read and I write. I also enjoy discussing literature and previously I ran a storytelling workshop in Bath. Things I enjoy reading are novels and stories, philosophy of mind and anthropology. Things I love to listen to and look at are usually psychedelic, fractalicious and surreal. I prefer Koch to the Churchlands, Dali to Picasso, Dostoievski to Dickens.

You can read more about my experience or my projects on this site, read my publications or see recordings or slides of my talks. If you’d like me to work together on science, art, or cybersecurity, please get in touch.