Climate Twitter

with Max Falkenberg, Alessandro Galeazzi, Maddalena Torricelli, Niccolo Di Marco, Francesca Larosa, Amin Mekacher, Warren Pearce, Fabiana Zollo, Walter Quattrociocchi, Andrea Baronchelli


Climate change and political polarisation are two of the 21st century’s critical social and political issues. However, their interaction remains understudied. Here, we investigate the online discussion around the UN Conference of The Parties on Climate Change (COP) using Twitter data from 2014 to 2022.

Climate Twitter ( is a collections of real-time visualisations which display the multiple facets of the conversation around COP. The website was built statically using plain Javascript and the D3 library.

Previous versions: COP26Buzz ( The 2021 version of website can be explored here.